Cabling Maintenance & Cabinet Audits

T.I.S. Ltd help to pre-empt network issues by having your cabling maintained. Health checks can be made on your cabling involving testing of cables and keeping cabinets tidy.

Is your network performing to its potential?

Most network faults on the Cabling Infrastructure are down to misuse of the cabling which leads to poor performance, damaged cables & outlets and ultimately costly down time. Adds moves and changes become difficult to do due to the tangled patch leads at the cabinet, administration difficulties and missing records. Patching records are created, and correct length patch cords installed to make sure your cabling performs to the design specification


Structured networking reports

In a busy challenging environment IT managers and technicians don’t always have records of the network infrastructure, T.I.S. Ltd are experienced in completing network cabling audits and produce audit reports for IT staff to act upon, some of these tasks could be remedial works from re-patching network cabinets to a full network health check., we provide a full detailed report of the network cabling infrastructure to ensure you can optimise your existing network performance.

Cabling Maintenance & Cabinet Audit Services we provide

  • Full detailed patching schedule
  • Full details of damaged ports and cabling
  • Full cable reports from Fluke testers
  • Cabinet Layouts
  • Full network diagram