Fibre Optics

T.I.S. Ltd have a vast knowledge of the installation of fibre optic cabling tailored to your current needs and future growth.

Fibre Optic Network solutions

Fibre optics are becoming the chosen solution to the ever increasing need for a higher bandwidth capacity that is capable of coping with new technology and needs. The high bandwidth over long distances, coupled with improved security and with a good resilience to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio magnetic interference (RMI), makes fibre an excellent choice for your computer networks .

Each system installed by T.I.S. Ltd are tested to the latest industry standards and carries up to a Twenty Five Year Manufacturers Warranty. At T.I.S Ltd you can expect excellence as standard.

Installation services:

• Blown fibre
• Conventional Multimode – 50/125 µm& 62.5/125 µm
• Conventional Single mode 9/125 µm
• LC / ST / SC / MT-RJ terminations
• Campus and building backbones
• Fault identification and rectification
• Fibre to the desk
• Fusion splicing
• Field Termination
• Pig tails
• Patch panels

Supply only products:

• Simplex patch leads
• Duplex patch leads
• LC / ST / SC