line of sight communications

T.I.S. Ltd can ensure that you get the best out of your network even between multiple locations.

Point-to-Point Links

Point-to-Point (PTP) links are ideal for connecting two buildings where traditional cabling – fibre or copper – would be difficult or prohibitively expensive to install. PTP links can be deployed using either wireless or optical (laser) technologies to cover distances from just a few metres to over 10 kilometres, carrying virtually any kind of digital information including data, voice and video over high-bandwidth links.

Point-to-Multipoint Links

Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) links are ideal for situations where a number of outlying building need to be connected to a central location, e.g. pre-fab classrooms to a main school building. PMP links are generally provided using cost-effective wireless equipment to eliminate digging trenches for cable runs. Generally any business having multiple facilities within a site or across town may consider using PMP links to establish a connection back to a central hub.