Voice Cabling

T.I.S. Ltd has been performing this type of work since 1986 and can offer the complete installation service from initial site survey through to design and installation.

Experienced voice cabling services

Installations conform to BS 6701 and are specific to PABX telephone systems. New installations are now being replaced by Structured Cabling, but existing systems still require frequent moves and changes.

Installation Services

  • Re-sites
  • Plan 1A’s. (parallel extension points)
  • Jumpers
  • Faults
  • Bells / tone callers / phone flash
  • Multicore, DP’s etc
  • Containment (trunking, conduit, tray etc.)
  • Internal / External
  • Overhead / Underground
  • Duct excavation and installation
  • Telephone systems
  • Programming and set-up of IP phones

Test Equipment and supply only products

Test equipment

  • Fluke multimetres
  • Cable locators (tone and amps)
  • Telephone test handsets

Supply only products:

  • Telephone handsets
  • Plug in tone callers etc.
  • Extension leads
  • Double adapters
  • Wall brackets