Wireless networks

T.I.S. Ltd can ensure that you get the best coverage and signal strength from your wireless network.

wireless Networking solutions

The team here at T.I.S. Ltd understand the need for a quick and efficient wireless network within your school, hospital, university or office. You need to be able to move freely between campuses, classrooms and offices without the constraints of data points or cabling.



networks designed for your requirements

The experienced team at T.I.S. Ltd will design and implement your wireless network with security as a priority and will create bespoke solutions to your networking needs. To ensure this is done with as little disruption a full site survey using software analysis tools will be completed to ensure the signal stays fully connected while users are on the move and there is no potential for data loss.

undisturbed installation

An added benefit to having a wireless network installed is that it can be integrated in to a fully cabled network to only allow those access who really needs it and leave the rest of the network undisturbed.

If you need a complete wireless network upgrade that will cause little disruption to your work contact T.I.S. Ltd below